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Yoobot vs YooNot is a free game and learning tool that the British Heart Foundation have developed to help children think more about the physical activity they are doing and food they are eating in order to take more responsibility for their own health.

The main aim of Yoobot is to encourage children to consider the long term consequences of their current food and activity choices – by offering them a chance to experiment with their future...

The game is a follow up to last year's hugely successful game Yoobot. Over 1.25 million Yoobots were created across the UK. As a result, children learnt about the effects of their diet and physical activity patterns on their health. In fact, research amongst children showed a large majority said that they had improved their diet since playing the game.

The game lets children learn about diet and physical activity by giving each child a Yoobot - an online game character that they can make look like themselves - to look after.

Children are in complete control of their Yoobot's diet and physical activity and see how the health of their Yoobot develops as a result of the choices they make. They also inherit a YooNot - which represents the lazy side in all of us.

The nutritional content and benefits of physical activity are modeled on real data in order to give the experience a degree of realism. However, in order to clearly link certain actions with health implications we have exaggerated, and in some cases simplified, reality in order to emphasise the key points we would like users to understand. Overall, the British Heart Foundation has endeavoured to make Yoobot an engaging and scientifically based educational tool.

Careful consideration has been taken throughout the creation of Yoobot to ensure that it is a safe and secure platform for children to learn in. Whilst seeing how the Yoobot’s health and body shape change is pivotal to the learning experience, the British Heart Foundation aim to tackle this in a sensitive way and offer links to further support and information throughout to address any concerns which may be raised.

Yoobot is part of a wider drive from the British Heart Foundation to create an environment where bad food influences are minimised. In particular, we are maintaining pressure on the UK Government to stop junk food advertisers targeting children, as well as campaigning for a single system of food labelling to help parents choose healthier food options. Parents in particular are being asked to offer their support for these important initiatives through visiting www.bhf.org.uk/junkfood and undertaking a few very simple actions.

If you would like any more information on any of the issues raised throughout the game please contact us on our main website.

Disclaimer: Yoobot is a game based in reality but some information has been exaggerated or simplified in order to get the key messages across clearly

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